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Information on the newest products for the care of patients with diabetes, from electronics to software and other products that have everything and anything to do with diabetes.

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Genteel – The First Pain Free Lancing Instrument


Genteel – The First Pain Free Lancing Instrument  Genteel is a radically new lancing instrument that completely replaces the more-familiar industry-standard spring-loaded devices. Genteel’s patented technology allows patients to get the right amount of test blood from both fingers and alternate sites the first time, every time, without pain, or …

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VBLOC® – Vagal Blocking Therapy for Weight Reduction


  VBLOC® – Vagal Blocking Therapy for Weight Reduction  VBLOC® is a first-in-class weight loss treatment designed to treat a range of gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases. Delivered by a pacemaker-like device called the Maestro® Rechargeable System,VBLOC Therapy is designed to block vagal nerve signaling between the brain and stomach believed to …

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FlexTouch® Insulin Analog Pen


FlexTouch® Insulin Analog Pen  FlexTouch® is the first and only prefilled insulin delivery device with no push-button extension and is prefilled with long-acting insulin Levemir® (insulin detemir [rDNA origin] injection). It offers several key features: as 1) Prefilled insulin pens containing 3 mL (300 units) of insulin detemir 2) Doses …

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iHealth – World’s smallest, most portable mobile glucometer


iHealth – World’s smallest, most portable mobile glucometer    The meter plugs directly into any smart phone, (Android or iPhone) and displays and stores readings using the iHealth Gluco-Smart app. By displaying readings directly on the phone screen, iHealth was able to shrink the device size to just slightly larger …

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HypoMap – A new tool to prevent hypoglycemia


HypoMap – A new tool to prevent hypoglycemia  At the ADA meeting next week, diabetes management software company Glooko and the Joslin Diabetes Center will launch HypoMap, a new patient-facing platform to help increase patients’ awareness of hypoglycemic events. The platform will include an app for patients with diabetes that will …

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HealthSpot Stations


HealthSpot Stations  Cleveland Clinic and HealthSpot are forming a joint venture that will offer patients convenient, alternative options to access health care through HealthSpot’s virtual walk-in kiosks. HealthSpot stations — private, 8-by-5-foot enclosures outfitted with touch screens, integrated medical devices and videoconferencing capabilities — will enable Cleveland Clinic medical providers …

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NovoPen Echo


NovoPen Echo   NovoPen Echo® is a new electronic insulin pen from Novo, and the first and only pen with a memory function and half‑unit dosing. The Echo records dose and time since last injection and comes with half-unit dosing from 0.5 up to 30 units. It has very short plunger movement …

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Epanova®   FDA Approves A Different Form of Omega-3. Epanova is the first FDA-approved prescription omega-3 in free fatty acid. The approval of Epanova is good news for the significant and growing population with severe hypertriglyceridemia as it offers physicians and their patients an important new treatment option that has …

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