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Information on the newest products for the care of patients with diabetes, from electronics to software and other products that have everything and anything to do with diabetes.

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EmbracePro Glucose Monitor for Professionals


EmbracePro Glucose Monitor for Professionals  Omnis Health has announced the launch of EmbracePro, a blood-glucose meter for medical professionals. Approved for multi-patient use, EmbracePro features a test strip release button for more hygienic strip disposal and provides accurate results within five seconds, requiring a small sample size and alternate site …

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GlucoTrack  GlucoTrack is battery-operated and includes a Main Unit, which contains display and control features, as well as transmitter, receiver and processor, and a Personal Ear Clip (PEC), which is clipped to the earlobe and contains sensors and calibration electronics. The device is small, light and easy to use and …

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Great Low Carb Pizza Crust 9″


Great Low Carb Pizza Crust 9"  This 8 oz. 9" pizza crust from the Great Low Carb Bread Company has just 4- 2 net carb servings. Great tasting and already par baked so just pile your toppings on and bake for 5 minutes in an oven or toaster oven at 350 …

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UniStrip1 Test Strips for OneTouch® Ultra® Meters


UniStrip1 Test Strips for OneTouch® Ultra® Meters  For your patients who for financial reasons do not test as often as you would like, this could be a solution. UniStrip1™ test strips were cleared by the FDA for use with the LifeScan® OneTouch® Ultra®, Ultra®2, UltraSmart® and UltraMini® meters. Those currently …

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The FootMate System


The FootMate System  Foot care is a daily challenge, but the podiatrist-recommended FootMate® System makes optimal foot health easy. The complete foot care system cleans, soothes, stimulates and massages patients’ feet every time they shower. The FootMate System is a brush and specially formulated gel that goes in the bath …

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Pengueeni Device Reduces Pain and Anxiety for Kids


Pengueeni Device Reduces Pain and Anxiety for Kids  The Pengueeni device, which vibrates and can be used with standard lancing equipment and blood test strips, was a winner at the Innov8 for Health Challenge and Idea Expo. A penguin-shaped device that’s small enough to fit in the palm of a hand …

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Great Low Carb Lemon Squares


Great Low Carb Lemon Squares    Now your patients can enjoy lemon squares without worrying about raising their blood sugars. The great Low carb Bread Co has done it again, this time with lemon squares that are sugar free and low carb, only 50 calories and 3 net carbs. Use the …

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Pendiq  The next generation in insulin pens comes to Europe first as they use pens 5-8 times more than the U.S. does. The pen can deliver dosages with a minimum dose of 2.0 units and increments of 0.1Units can be made. The Pendiq insulin pen is operated with common 3ml insulin …

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The TAO WellShell


The TAO WellShell  A Device That Brings Exercising to Planes and Couches. Now your patients can exercise anywhere. One of the hardest parts about exercising is the "getting-up factor" — going to the gym, moving from the couch. But a tiny new gadget makes it possible to work out anywhere …

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