Safety and Error Prevention: Diabetes in Control is committed to error prevention, safety know-how, awareness of lessons learned, voluntary error reporting, and patient compliance. Working in partnership with the Institute for Safe Medication Practice Also, our popular Disasters Averted section will give you more ideas on safety and preventing errors.

Mail-Order Mix-Up

During a recent phone follow-up call to one of my patients, a co-worker and I avoided a "Diabetes Disaster." My patient told me that she had received her mail-order refill for "ASPART," but the bottle didn't look the same....

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Pharmacist’s Diligence Saves Patient’s Health and Money

I am a retail pharmacist working in a busy chain pharmacy.  A patient came in and requested a temporary supply of his Crestor 40 mg tablets because he had run out of tablets before he was eligible for a refill through insurance.  I checked his profile and noticed that it had been 1 1/2 months since his last 90 day refill so I asked why he had run out.  He said that his doctor had told him to double up and take 80 mg daily.  This didn't sound correct, but it was after office hours and the patient was adamant that these were his doctor's instructions and that he would have to stop his medication if I didn't dispense to him. 

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