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Information on the newest products for the care of patients with diabetes, from electronics to software and other products that have everything and anything to do with diabetes.

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The Didit


The Didit The Didit will help your patients take their medications when they are supposed to. The Didit is a tool to eliminate the guesswork and confusion out of taking medications. Patients can simply take their medicine, and then push down the tab to keep track. No More Double Dosing, and …

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Cellnovo’s Patch Pump Gains European Approval


Cellnovo’s Patch Pump Gains European Approval At EASD, Cellnovo announced that it had received approval in Europe for its new insulin patch pump. It will be launched soon in the UK, and its submission to the FDA is expected by the end of the year — meaning that approval in …

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VREE — Mobile Application for Diabetes


The Mobile Application for Diabetes from Vree gives your patients a full suite of useful tools and provides Interactive Diabetes Education to supplement the advice you give patients, with extensive learning modules that patients can explore at their own pace. Follow this link to find out more and view a …

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Pill Glide


Pill Glide Pill Glide is a new solution to a universal problem. Studies show that over 40% of adults have some difficulty swallowing their medicine due to the size, taste, or smell of the tablets and capsules. Pill Glide helps overcome these hurdles by flavors with a special formulation that …

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Heart Rate Monitor Plus App


Heart Rate Monitor Plus App This new iPhone App turns your smart phone, and eventually tablet devices, into a sophisticated medical monitor able to capture and transmit vital physiological data. Worcester Polytechnic Institute reports it has developed the app that can measure not only heart rate, but also heart rhythm, respiration …

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Bydureon Kit (Not Yet Approved in the US)


Bydureon Kit (Not Yet Approved in the US) The new Bydureon once a week GLP-1 may be available in January 2012. Unlike the other currently available GLP-1’s, Bydureon requires reconstitution before its use in a “Connect, Shake, Inject” system. A pen for Bydureon is currently under development. Bydureon is not …

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Time Reminder for Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Patients


 Time Reminder for Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Patients Through an incorporated timer, Timesulin reminds patients when they last had their insulin injection. The ‘smart cap’ is the first major improvement in insulin pens since their release twenty years ago, relieving both patients and health care practitioners of major concerns by greatly reducing …

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Bite Counter = A Pedometer for Your Mouth


Bite Counter = A Pedometer for Your Mouth Count bites by tracking your wrist movement. Researchers have developed a way to fight obesity by helping people answer one fundamental question: how many bites of food are you eating? The Bite Counter, a wristwatch-shaped device being marketed to weight-loss clinics and fitness …

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Once-A-Year Non-Injectable Byetta


Once-A-Year Non-Injectable Byetta The DUROS delivery system aims to reshape the way diabetes is treated by offering patients and their health care providers with a more convenient long term treatment regiment. The result is the investigational treatment now in late stage development — ITCA 650. As part of a robust …

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Fight with Your Underwear to Burn Extra Calories


Fight with Your Underwear to Burn Extra Calories Some people go on a diet. Others go to the gym. But in Japan a more novel way of losing weight is fast gaining popularity — wearing “fat burning” underwear. A growing number of Japanese men and women are slipping into underwear which …

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