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Blood Glucose Control

How Anemia Affects A1c

A new study shows that resolving iron deficiency and or vitamin B12 deficiency anemia may affect A1c levels.  One of the most common tools used to screen for and evaluate a person’s control of diabetes is a glycated hemoglobin (A1c) test. An A1c test is advantageous because it reflects a patient’s …

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Patient’s Renewed Commitment to Low BG’s Leads to “Keytones” Clarity

I recently received a text message from a type 1 patient who has been wearing a pump for over ten years. 

"I need your guidance. My blood sugars have been in the high 200s and 300s since Thursday. I woke up with a 398 blood sugar. I've been eating out a lot and drinking too much. I need to follow a rigorous low carb diet and less alcohol." I called the patient and let her know I was sorry to hear she was feeling overwhelmed....

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