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Information on the newest products for the care of patients with diabetes, from electronics to software and other products that have everything and anything to do with diabetes.

If you would like to see your diabetes related product featured on Diabetes In Control, please contact us.

Squid ID

Colorful dog tags that connect to a patient’s online medical information when either the QR barcode is scanned with a mobile device or the URL printed on the back is accessed. Emergency contacts are also optionally alerted by text and email. Cost of subscription is included with purchase of Squid …

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Level Foods Peanut Butter Cups (6 gms carbs)

  This combination of peanut butter and chocolate from Level Foods is the perfect balance of salty and sweet with no compromise on the classic peanut butter cup taste. Just 3g of sugar and only 6gms carbs per a piece. It’s also low glycemic and gluten-free. The Peanut Butter Cup …

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Street Smart Medical Wallet

  This vinyl bi-fold medical wallet from Street Smart is a comfortable smaller wallet and the size complements its comfort. Features a hot stamped gold medical symbol and a clear window on the outside, perfect for the Medical Information Card. Inside there are three credit card slots, one zipped coin/key …

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Vivo Barefoot

  From Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief, Diabetes In Control: Most of us are used to standing on our feet for long hours each day, whether it’s behind a pharmacy counter, going from exam room to exam room, or lecturing in a classroom. At the end of the day nothing feels as …

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Apple Watch with Dexcom CGM App

  Dexcom is creating an app for the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch to receive and display data from its glucose monitors using their Share technology. The smartwatch, which is due out in April, will display readings as an easy-to-read graph. Dexcom has already created apps for iOS devices including the Follow …

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Dexcom G4 Platinum with SHARE Gets FDA Approval

  The FDA has approved Dexcom’s G4 PLATINUM Continuous Glucose Monitoring System with Share. The Dexcom Share receiver uses a secure wireless connection via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) between a patient’s receiver and an app on the patient’s smartphone to transmit glucose information to apps on the mobile devices of …

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Mini Portable Electronic Scale

  This Mini Portable Electronic Scale weighs objects from 0.1g to 500 grams. It’s even small enough for your patients to fit into a pocket and use when they dine out. Great for measuring the grams of carbs. Doctor’s Option Mini Portable Electronic Scale      

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Vibe Insulin Pump with CGMS Technology

  Animas, a division of Johnson & Johnson, has finally won FDA approval for its Vibe insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system. The pump is the first to pair with Dexcom’s G4 PLATINUM continuous glucose monitor that samples interstitial fluid every five minutes and provides a trending chart of …

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