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Vivo Barefoot

Feb 20, 2015


From Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief, Diabetes In Control: Most of us are used to standing on our feet for long hours each day, whether it’s behind a pharmacy counter, going from exam room to exam room, or lecturing in a classroom. At the end of the day nothing feels as good as kicking off our shoes and walking barefoot. I believe I have found a way to have the protection for my feet I need and feel like I am walking barefoot all the time. I found my first pair of Vivo Gobi’s on a sports website and was immediately attracted to them because of the unique sole. When I read about the technology it made sense to me and I gave them a try. It truly felt like I was walking barefoot and I could tell a difference in how my legs and back felt after that first 12 hour day in the pharmacy. I contacted the company to learn more. Aryuna Erdynieva, their campaign manager, shared a little of the companies background: Vivobarefoot, a British shoe company run by Galahad Clark, 6th generation shoemaker from the Clark family, offers barefoot shoes for running as well as for day to day walking routine. Its patented, ultra thin and puncture resistant sole gives you maximum sensory feedback and protection. I am now happy to say that I own a pair of RA Hopewells and a pair of Ultra’s.