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Evan Sisson, PharmD, Q7: How Can Lifestyle Affect Statin Use?

Evan Sisson talks about how the foundation of his approach to treating hyperlipidemia with statins is actually lifestyle modification. He notes, however, that patients “can figure out how to out-eat any statin we can give them,” so the best programs are those that involve a team approach. That way, the disease can be attacked from many different points.

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Evan Sisson, PharmD, MHA, CDE, is currently an assistant professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Pharmacy where he teaches pharmacy, nursing and medical students about drug therapy for hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes. His practice settings include a university-based outpatient pharmacotherapy clinic and a local free clinic. In the free clinic, he regularly conducts diabetes education classes.

Sisson is a frequent author. One article was Dyslipidemias: Therapeutic Advances, which appeared in the ACCP Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program used by clinical pharmacists to maintain board certification. Additionally, he authored two AADE publications including AADE’s Quick Guide to Medications and The Diabetes Education Review Guide.

Sisson is very active on the volunteer front. In addition to recently serving on AADE’s Board of Directors, he is a member of Diabetes Forecast magazine’s editorial board and recently served on the National Health Council’s Advisory Board on Patient-Centered Care.

Sisson earned his PharmD and MHA degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University.