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A Common Error with Insulin Pumps

I was working with a patient who'd recently had a pump upgrade, and although he said he didn't have problems or issues with infusion set changes, I urged him to change his set while I was present.  In the process, he did very well with filling his reservoir and inserting his infusion set. The problem was noted when he went to the cannula fill amount....

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Clear, Written Instructions Can Help Avert Medical Mistakes

I have a patient I introduced to using Lantus insulin (including why, injection technique, storage, etc.). She would then see her family doctor, get the prescription and return the next week to review titration and any new questions before she started. I saw her a week later at our supervised diabetes walking group. She reported that she had started using the insulin three days prior and started at ten units and stated she was now 20 units! (She had only had two doses). 

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