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Video: Dr. Lois Jovanovic, Healthy Pregnancy with Diabetes

In this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Lois Jovanovic joins Diabetes in Control publisher Steve Freed at the AACE 2016 convention in Orlando, Florida to discuss the many aspects of having a healthy pregnancy with diabetes, including optimal blood sugar levels, low-cab diets, and managing insulin dosage.

Lois Jovanovic, MD, is Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Southern California-Los Angeles Medical Center. Consultant: Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy. Dr. Jovanovic is an international expert, multiple award winning endocrinologist, in the research and clinical management of diabetes. She specializes in the ages and stages of women with diabetes, and hyperglycemia in pregnancy.


See the full interview below, or click here if you prefer to view the video broken into shorter segments.

A full transcript of the video is available here.