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Dr. Lois Jovanovic. The Woman Who Changed The Way We Treat Diabetes Today

Jun 25, 2016
Joy Pape
Joy Pape

Introduction: Exclusive Interview with Dr. Lois Jovanovic at AACE

by Joy Pape, MSN, FNP-C, CDE, WOCN, CFCN, FAADE, Associate Medical Editor

Note: our exclusive interview with Dr. Jovanovic is available in both written transcript and video formats. See links at end of this introduction.


I remember when I was young, I had family members and friends (both women and men) who had type 1 diabetes. They told me their medical team informed them they couldn’t or shouldn’t have children. Not Dr. Lois Jovanovic. Dr. Lois Jovanovic is not a woman who takes no for an answer; neither has she taught her patients they should not have children.

Dr. Lois Jovanovic
Dr. Lois Jovanovic

Dr. Lois Jovanovic, known for her work in diabetes in pregnancy, continues to change lives! Not only has she changed lives, but also brought so many children into this world to people who had pre-existing diabetes, gestational diabetes…or as she calls it now, women who have hyperglycemia in pregnancy.

Lois has always been an inspiration to me. I too don’t take no for an answer. Twenty years ago, when I recognized the importance of low carbohydrate meal plans for people who have diabetes, most of the diabetes community at that time were teaching high carb, low fat meal plans. I was told I could not teach that to my patients. But it made too much sense, and I saw too many people improve by lowering their carb intake. I submitted an abstract to AADE to present, “Lower Carbohydrate Diets in Diabetes Management — Hype or Help?” I knew I needed the support of someone in the field who is highly respected. I reached out to Lois. She, also being a visionary, encouraged me to move forward, to present, and offered to use her name as a supporter. Not only did it change my life, but once again, Lois was “there” changing lives. Because of her I could continue the message to health care professionals. Who could argue when I said Lois Jovanovic was with me on this? Fast forward to today…there’s been a lot of science and experience with lower carb meal plans improving people’s lives, not just for those who have diabetes.

It was about that time, I met Steve Freed and Dave Joffe. They were visionaries too, two pharmacists who were certified diabetes educators (CDEs) starting DiabetesInControl, a newsletter that now reaches over 57,000 health care professionals and diabetes educators. Because of my work that Lois supported, we connected early on. Since then, they invited me to be the Associate Medical Editor, and gave me the opportunity to invite Lois Jovanovic, my mentor, my friend, to share her work with you…and to become a Board Member of DiabetesInControl.

Watch, listen or read on, learn and enjoy.

Lois, from me and from I don’t know how many…Thank you!

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Lois Jovanovic

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