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Todd Hobbs Part 4, Dual 9 Study IDegLira Versus Glargine

In part 4 of this Exclusive Interview, Todd Hobbs talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about the benefits of both an SGLT-2 and GLP-1 injectable, as found in the Dual 9 study.

Todd Hobbs is vice president and US Chief Medical Officer for Novo Nordisk.


Transcript of this video segment:

Steve Freed: So now let’s jump to Dual 9, what were the results presented here?

Todd Hobbs:  Dual 9, I’m sorry I might have to go back to my notes on that one, but Dual 9 is one of iDegLira programs and it was looking at iDegLira versus Glargine. So it did show that there was a superior reduction in A1C versus continuing to titrate a basal insulin, and as we’ve seen throughout the Dual program with iDegLira there was a neutral effect on weight. So you can actually improve your glycemic control, you can get to better control, and in fact many times you had weight reduction but in this in this case those patients did not have an increase, whereas the patients on insulin saw around a 2 kilogram increase in weight. So that’s certainly a benefit.

Steve Freed: So what were the implications of the Dual 9 study for people with diabetes?

Todd Hobbs:  So if you’re going to an injectable agent I think it indicates that instead of maybe having to choose a GLP-1 or an insulin you can receive benefits of both, meaning that you can have improved glycemic control, improved fasting control in particular, but also you get the meal control with the GLP-1 agent. And as we’ve seen again throughout the whole program and with our labeling and with our data from the indication or from the approval is that you can do that without a negative effect on your weight, which is generally what individuals see when they titrate insulin in any way they see that effect on weight. So yeah the data has been strong throughout all the Dual program.

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