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Todd Hobbs Part 3, Trulicity Versus Ozempic

In part 3 of this Exclusive Interview, Todd Hobbs talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about the results of the SUSTAIN-7 trial and their implications for diabetes patients.

Todd Hobbs is vice president and US Chief Medical Officer for Novo Nordisk.


Transcript of this video segment:

Steve Freed: Let’s switch our topic to SUSTAIN-7. What was the objective of the post hoc exploratory analysis of that?

Todd Hobbs: The main objective was to confirm that no matter where an individual type 2 patient would start on BMI, that there was a greater weight reduction seen with Olempic versus Trulicity versus the other weekly, and so we looked at different cuts or different breakdowns of BMI and throughout all those breakdowns there was really almost a 2 to 1 difference in weight reduction seen for Ozempic versus Trulicity. In fact at the higher BMIs is where we continue to see the greatest weight reduction, so patients who needed that the most are the ones that that really appeared to benefit in the data.

Steve Freed: And what are the implications of these results?

Todd Hobbs: Implications are that right now we know, and don’t want to go too long on this, but patients are really not getting GLP-1 agents as they likely should. They are still maybe six to nine percent of all new prescriptions for diabetes agents. We know from the clinicians we talked to, from the data, from the experts they really feel like that they should be moved earlier in the in the process and more patients should have them. So the weekly versions both of Trulicity and Ozempic have really become sort of the go to GLP-1 these days with starting patients on an injectable agent.

And so we hope that with the weight data and the strong data that we see through the SUSTAIN trial even through the entire results, this will continue to encourage more HCPs including primary care and more patients to try a GLP-1 in the form of Ozempic.

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