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Podiatry and Diabetic Foot Problems: The diabetic foot is beset by 3 interrelated problems (to name a few) – Ischemia, compromised immune function, and peripheral neuropathy – all of which increase risk of injury, infection, and loss of limb. New tools, techniques and treatments can help you improve outcomes for your diabetic patients dealing with these and other foot problems.

The FootMate System


The FootMate System  Foot care is a daily challenge, but the podiatrist-recommended FootMate® System makes optimal foot health easy. The complete foot care system cleans, soothes, stimulates and massages patients’ feet every time they shower. The FootMate System is a brush and specially formulated gel that goes in the bath …

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Medic Shoes


Medic Shoes  Medic Shoes™ are for people who suffer from diabetes-induced leg pain and circulatory problems. These comfortable shoes enhance peripheral circulation and increase blood flow, alleviating symptoms of poor peripheral circulation and neuropathy, including foot pain, burning, cramping, and tingling. The shoes can provide instant relief to these side effects, leading …

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Alan Sherman, DPM: Response to Dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s Article on Calluses and Amputation

A position statement by controversial low-carb guru Richard Bernstein, MD has been circulating in various forms since August 2012, blaming all foot amputations in patients with diabetes on debridement of calluses. This past April 2013,¬†Diabetes Care, the well-respected journal of the American Diabetes Association,¬†republished the letter. The misinformation in this …

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