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Information on the newest products for the care of patients with diabetes, from electronics to software and other products that have everything and anything to do with diabetes.

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Insulin Buttons

Insulin Buttons: This new-fangled gadget is a Russian invention from designers Vladislav Kropachev and Vladimir Makarov. It won a 2005 Design Innovation Award. What you do with it is place it on your skin and simply push down with your finger. This pierces a capsule inside the Syringe-button containing a …

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Non-Invasive GlucoTrack™ Monitor

Non-Invasive GlucoTrack™ Monitor Integrity Applications has developed a noninvasive glucometer that "combines three independent technologies that are operated simultaneously to provide an accurate and reliable on-the-spot reading of glucose levels in the blood. The technologies include ultrasound, conductivity, and heat capacity." The measurements’ results are analyzed by a particular algorithm, …

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Accu-Chek Plus

Accu-Chek Plus Preloaded drum of 17 strips-for no individual strip handling • No coding-for fewer steps in testing • Detachable lancet device • 300-value memory with time and date • 7-, 14-, and 30-day averages • high and low test results over 7-, 14- or 30-days Test results appear in …

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FIRST INSULIN PUMP WITH REAL-TIME CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORING MiniMed Paradigm® REAL-Time System Allows Patients to Make Immediate Diabetes Management Decisions; Marks Major Step Toward an Artificial Pancreas. Paradigm® REAL-Time Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, a progressive new therapy available for patients who use insulin to treat diabetes. For …

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Implantable gastric stimulation (IGS)

Transcend™ Implantable gastric stimulation (IGS) system for weight loss is currently available in Europe and Canada and is now a part of Medtronic. This system uses gentle electrical stimulation of the stomach to enhance the normal feeling of fullness (satiety). Patients can expect to lose 30-40% of excess weight over …

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