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Information on the newest products for the care of patients with diabetes, from electronics to software and other products that have everything and anything to do with diabetes.

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OneTouch®Verio The new OneTouch(R) Verio(TM)IQ System with PatternAlert ™ technology is the first blood glucose meter to look for high and low patterns, and provide on-screen alerts. The new technology helps make it fast and easy to zero in on patterns of highs and lows so patients can take action …

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MySentry Wireless Monitor


MySentry Wireless Monitor Medtronic Inc. has announced it received regulatory approval for the first remote glucose monitor that will let parents check the blood sugar of a diabetic child sleeping in another room. The mySentry monitor, which costs about $3,000, works with Medtronic’s MiniMed Paradigm Real-Time Revel System, an insulin …

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Fitbit Ultra Pedometer Wellness Monitor


Fitbit Ultra Pedometer Wellness Monitor The Fitbit is a full-featured pedometer (steps, distance, calories) and wellness monitor which uploads wirelessly to a web site where patients can view graphs and charts of steps, active steps, distance, sleep quality, as well as track diet, heart rate, blood pressure and glucose. Smaller …

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Duo AutoShield™


Duo AutoShield™ Duo is a next generation, 5mm safety-engineered pen needle designed to protect healthcare workers from needlestick injuries and blood exposure. It is now available in the US from BD Medical. The AutoShield™ Duo is the only pen needle with front and back-end needle protection. The safety mechanisms activate …

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Sanofi iBGStar™ iPhone Blood Glucose Monitor


Sanofi iBGStar™ iPhone Blood Glucose Monitor Sanofi has received FDA approval to market and sell the first blood glucose monitor that attaches to the iPhone and iPod Touch, converting it into a glucose meter. The readings are automatically downloaded to the iBGStar App for logging. The app can also be …

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Striiv — Personal Trainer in Your Pocket


Striiv — Personal Trainer in Your Pocket A new kind of pedometer: a little gizmo about the size of one of those wireless key fobs. At heart, the Striiv is a pedometer — a little thing you slip in your pocket or clip to your belt to count the number …

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iPro2 The FDA has approved Medtronic’s iPro2, a next-generation professional continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS). The new 6-day evaluation system is designed to make continuous glucose monitoring easy for health care professionals and patients to use. It can be used to identify nocturnal hypoglycemia or postprandial hyperglycemia. The setup procedure …

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tSlim Insulin Pump


tSlim Insulin Pump An insulin pump that’s sized like a credit card, Tandem Diabetes Care’s t:slim™ Insulin Delivery System is today’s slimmest insulin pump — up to 25% slimmer than others. Through an easy-to-use touch screen, entering important information and accessing features is accomplished with fewer button-pressing steps. The t:slim insulin …

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TextID Medical Jewelry


TextID Medical Jewelry Hope Paige Medical has introduced a new line of short message, service-enabled medical jewelry that is designed to quickly provide patients’ medical information via text message. TextID uses SMS technology to relay life-saving information about a patient. Emergency medical personnel will be able to access a patient’s …

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