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Nancy D’Hondt Part 6, Diabetes Online Peer Support

In part 6, the conclusion of this Exclusive Interview, Nancy D’Hondt talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about the daily effectiveness of online and in-person interaction with peers who also have diabetes.

Nancy J. D’Hondt  RPh, CDE, FAADE is an ICU pharmacist in the St. John Health System in Detroit.


Transcript of this video segment:

Freed: Maybe you can give us a little idea about what AADE is doing about peer support and how that helps.

D’Hondt: So, Steve, as I mentioned earlier in the interview the patients spend very little time with the health care provider and most of their life is spent in the self-management arena. We realize that peer support and technology are important dynamics as far as giving them that support while they’re on their own. And we had a summit or a consensus conference with a group of educators and those from the diabetes online community, as they were referred to before, to see how we could work better together and how we can offer more support to the patient. And the outcome was that we got away from the term online communities and decided that they were actually peer support communities. We have peer support in the physical sense and we have online peer support. And that offers people the opportunity to reach out to their peers and get questions answered in their daily routines. Things that maybe the health care provider couldn’t answer, maybe they didn’t have access, it’s at a time when they don’t have access. Maybe they’re afraid to ask the health care provider but they’re more likely to ask a peer who has been through this and has had those experiences. And that’s an important dynamic of having that help you navigate diabetes on a day-to-day basis.

Freed: And maybe kind of give us a little idea of what this program which has a unique name, DANA, which is my daughter’s name, what it is? What is DANA?

D’Hondt: So, we realized at AADE that technology is playing a huge role in facilitating better care. It doesn’t replace the health care provider but it better enables them to provide care in different ways. So, what’s become confusing is the pace of technology is going so fast that we as health care providers can’t keep up with it. We decided to set up a one-stop shop for all the new technologies. So, we have buy-in from the technology providers and you’ll be able to go, and they’ll be like buying something on Amazon except you’ll be looking at different technologies. What’s available, you’ll be able to access through that portal, direct access to the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the technologies. So, you can stay up-to-date on what’s new, what’s out there, what’s in development, what’s the research is, what’s the evidence behind it is. We’ll have teaching modules to help you learn more about the uptake and utilization of technology to help your practice, how to incorporate these new technologies, what might be coming down the pipeline, and we also have an app review on that same DANA website that will help you recommend an app with confidence that it’s been vetted by AADE or our vendor to make sure that you can recommend it with confidence.

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