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Linda Parks Part 2, How Does Glooko Work With Different Diabetes Devices?

How does Glooko work with all the many diabetes technologies available? In part 2 of this Exclusive Interview, Linda Parks talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about the Glooko system process and standing out from the competition.

Linda Parks, RN, is the director of Clinical Development & Research at Glooko.


Transcript of this video segment:

Freed: So, it collects the information?

Parks: Mm-hmm.

Freed: And how does that present the information? Because each company has their own software, each meter has their own software.

Parks: Yes.

Freed: So, is it your software or they still use the company software for the blood glucose monitoring?

Parks: No. It’s downloaded and it goes into the Glooko platform. And so, it is a standard way to look at your blood glucose, your CGM data, and your pump data, so we have standard graphs and displays. Statistics, we’ve actually added now, so we do insights as well. So, we have algorithms that can show you what your best day is, comparing one day to another, telling you about your hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, if it’s going up or down, so we’re starting to put insights into it as well.

Freed: Technology and diabetes. Diabetes changes every day. Technology changes almost every day. So, how is Glooko poised to be successful in this digital technology revolution with all these diabetes apps and platforms?

Parks: Yeah. And that’s a great question. And I think really Glooko wants to be that uniform platform that’s device agnostic, so we’ll work with all devices. And we are able to download more than 95% of the devices on the market whether they be pumps, CGMs, like Glooko’s meters, soon insulin pens, like the connected insulin pens. And then as devices come out, we’ll partner with those companies and then to show it in a standard way, because I do believe that that’s probably one of the reasons why people get so confused and don’t download their data is because there’s so many ways to view it. And so, I think it’s great if people have one standard platform and then they know where to go, what reports to go to see the data they need to see.

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