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Linda Parks Part 1, Glooko Data Management Systems

In part 1 of this Exclusive Interview, Linda Parks talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about the history and development of the Glooko data management systems.

Linda Parks, RN, is the director of Clinical Development & Research at Glooko.


Transcript of this video segment:

Freed:  This is Steve Freed and we’re here at the American Diabetes Association, 78th Scientific Sessions. And we have with us a special guest, Linda Parks. And maybe we can just start off and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Parks: Okay. Thanks, Steve. So, my name is Linda Parks, as he said. I’m a Diabetes Educator and have been I’d say — actually I stopped at 20 years, so 20-plus years I’ve been a diabetes educator. And I’ve worked on both the clinical and on the industry side, mostly medical devices. And I currently work at Glooko as their Director of Clinical Research and Development.

Freed: Okay. I know you’re a certified diabetes educator. But in order to be a certified diabetes educator you need to be nurse, a pharmacist, a physician–

Parks: Exactly.

Freed:  –if they have a medical background or a PhD in one of the medical sciences. So, tell me if you’re–?

Parks: Exactly. So, I’m a nurse.

Freed: Okay. So, why don’t we start out with — because Glooko has changed dramatically from the first day that they went public. And maybe you can start off and tell us who they were and what they are today, because I see it’s a huge difference. It’s like two different companies.

Parks: And it has evolved. And so, Glooko is still a privately held company. It was started back in 2011. Yogen Dalal was the founder. An interesting story around him, he was one of the original people in Silicon Valley. He did the Ethernet Protocol, so a very tech-wise guy, and he developed pre-diabetes. And so, he went to his doctor. The doctor talked about blood glucose monitoring and the data around diabetes, and gave him a log book, and he’s like, “Wait a minute, this is 2009, 2010, and we have all this technology.” And so, he looked for data management systems and there were really none out there that would take data from the different diabetes devices, so he started his own company. And we started Glooko, again, it was 2011. And it really started with MeterSync Blue, a device that could turn your meter into a Bluetooth device. And so, then you could download it into one platform. And so, it really started off as a patient oriented company, so that people could see their own data.

But as we were in this space longer, you could see that it’s not only patients who need the data but they need to share that with their clinicians. And so, Glooko then devised an office solution and so there’s the kiosk or a device that will go in the office and it can download all the different devices in the office, so that then the health care providers could see the information. And certainly then as you go along, we know that people want to use their smart phone for everything and so we developed an app. So, there is a Glooko App. And all these information goes up into the cloud into the same space. So, your health care provider is looking at the same data as the patients and they’re constantly downloading their data. Now, certainly with all these devices and Bluetooth, we get data from devices in many different ways. So, we can get it app to app. We can get it direct download. There’s an uploader on the computer that you can upload your information that way. But it all goes into the same spot in the Cloud, so that both the health care provider and the patient can view it.

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