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New Product: dMeetings

Feb 11, 2017

dMeetingsdMeetings online diabetes self-management education curriculum offers a new way to educate  patients: five hours of DSME  content developed and delivered by Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) and focused on positive patient outcomes reduces health care costs and increases patient and employee productivity. The curriculum, approved for use in both accredited and non-accredited diabetes education programs, is delivered to  patients, anytime, anywhere and on the go. The online DSME/T curriculum has been approved by the AADE  and is delivered across 10 sessions, with each session being about 1/2 hour in length.  The curriculum is based and delivered according to the AADE 7 Self Care Behaviors.

The dMeetings web series can assist a full range of health care professionals in educational efforts: practitioners; family, and primary care practices; endocrinologists; health systems; pharmaceutical concerns; health plans; and corporate wellness programs. HCPs and organizations can administer diabetes education and easily track patient learning progress by knowing exactly what, when and how much they have learned and retained over time.


The series is designed to be easily provisioned to a practice or organization: it accommodates the branding of the organization, and is customizable to the unique approaches of each of their clients. A Learning Management System (LMS) is provisioned with the content allowing educators to track patient activities including progress and usage, quizzes and the ability to chat Q and A. One great feature that educators agree on is that it reduces the repetitive nature of delivering DSME education, allowing more time for personalized coaching and patient attention resulting in the ability to accommodate more patients.

To learn more about the dMeetings program, curriculum, and pricing options, or to schedule a demo, click here.