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Diabetes Wellness via Samsung Health and WellDoc

Apr 7, 2018

By Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Price: Free for a limited time, then $2.99 per month ($8.97 for the 12 weeks)


Description: Available through the Samsung Health service*, the DWP is powered by WellDoc’s platform that is used in its BlueStar® product. This consumer version, for people with type 2 diabetes, provides personalized information for users, such as interactive quizzes and videos, and the ability to conveniently monitor food intake, exercise, sleep, medication, and blood glucose readings for better diabetes self-management. Users benefit from helpful features including instant feedback from blood glucose entries and medication reminders, as well as motivation through weekly challenges and rewards for achieving goals.

While DWP does not provide feedback on medications, it does provide a range of personalized lifestyle-focused functions. In addition to keeping sleep, exercise, and blood glucose data in one place, DWP responds to blood glucose entries. DWP also has medication reminders and interactive, educational content that draws from the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors.

To sign-up, users can navigate to the Samsung Health app, select “Programs” within the three dots menu in the upper right, and the Diabetes Wellness Program is found under the “Disease Management” section.

Download: Android