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Insulin Therapy Center

Insulin Therapy for Diabetes: Diabetes in Control answers key questions about the uses and challenges of insulin in diabetes management, including:
– How insulin is used to treat diabetes
– How/when a healthcare professional should consider insulin therapy for diabetes patients
– What a healthcare professional needs to know about making insulin therapy safe and effective

Two Biomarkers That Link to Severe Heart Disease and Insulin Resistance

Oxidized LDL (oxLDL) cholesterol and fructosamine are associated with severe heart disease in women…. Insulin resistance is known to increase risk for cardiovascular diseases. However some patients with insulin resistance appear to experience only moderate symptoms of coronary blockage while others suffer severe coronary atherosclerotic and continue to progress after …

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Can the Insulin Patch Become a Reality?

A “smart” insulin patch mimicking the actions of the pancreas has been tested in mice…. Researchers may have developed a patch that mimics the action of the pancreas; it senses increased levels of blood glucose and consequently releases the amount of insulin necessary to bring blood glucose levels within normal …

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