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Diet & Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition for Diabetes Patients: Diabetes in Control answers key questions about diet and nutrition for diabetes patients including:
– How diet contributes to or protects against diabetes
– New dietary regimens healthcare professionals can use for diabetes management
– What a healthcare professional needs to know about altering diet

A Probiotic That Helps Control Diabetes

Cornell University scientists engineered a strain of lactobacillus to secrete a GLP-1 that lowered blood glucose levels…. Science may be one step closer to treating diabetes with a human probiotic pill, according to new research. In the study, the researchers engineered a strain of lactobacillus, a human probiotic common in …

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Mediterranean Diet Associated with Longevity Biomarker

Harvard researchers found that adherence to a Mediterranean diet was associated with longer telomeres, a biomarker of longevity… In a population based cohort study, researchers examined blood sample data from of 4,676 disease-free women from nested case-control studies within the Nurses’ Health Study who had had telomere length measured and …

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The Impact of Mediterranean Diets on Metabolic Syndrome

A supplemented Mediterranean diet can lead to metabolic syndrome reversal…. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by risk factors that increase an individual’s chances for cardiovascular disease. These risk factors include obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and uncontrolled blood glucose. In addition to cardiovascular disease, those with metabolic syndrome are at increased risk …

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