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52-Week Online Fitness/Lifestyle Program for Everyone

Jul 31, 2010

Sheri_ColbergBy Sheri Colberg, PhD


Let’s start this week’s article off with a little quiz. Please answer the following questions honestly:


1)     What motivates you the most to be more physically active?

a)     Feeling better physically and mentally when you’re active

b)     Weekly reminders and instructions about what is best to do, when, and how

c)      Being yelled at and belittled in front of an audience by a celebrity personal trainer

d)     Doing appropriate exercises that keeps you injury free and getting fitter every day


2)     How have you managed to lose weight and keep it off (at least for a while)?

a)     By following an established diet plan, not a fad diet

b)     By watching what you eat and simply trying to cut back a little

c)      By being screamed at about what to eat or not to eat by a celebrity personal trainer

d)     By reading food labels and becoming a more knowledgeable consumer        

If you answered "c" to either of these questions, I am pretty sure that you need to try out for "The Biggest Loser" or "Losing It with Jillian Michaels," and I am positive that I will not be able to help you. If you answered "a," "b," or "d," I think we should talk!

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal in May 2010 reported what I already knew when I established the Lifelong Exercise Institute (LEI): an occasional gentle nudge can get people to more regularly exercise and make other lasting lifestyle changes. That study, conducted by Stanford University, is part of a growing body of research showing that small amounts of support, ranging from friends who encourage each other by e-mail to occasional meetings with a fitness counselor, can combat a national problem–physical inactivity. In the United States, fewer than half of adults meet the recommendation for exercising half an hour most days of the week. What’s more, nearly all sedentary people at one time or another have started, but then dropped out of, exercise programs.

Using my extensive clinical and professional experience conducting exercise training and lifestyle changes for hundreds of individuals with sedentary behavior, overweight, pre-diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes, I have tried to fill what I see as an increasing need by creating a year-long fitness and lifestyle change program that is accessible world-wide online and delivered via e-mail. Why spend time creating yet another physical activity program? It has been my experience that most individuals fail to make physical activity a part of their daily regimen, despite knowing the health benefits of exercise, and their lifestyle changes are short-lived as well. This program, offered through LEI (www.lifelongexercise.com), is based on the latest neuroscience addressing how habits are formed and motivation to change behaviors maintained.

People do not need to be told yet again that they need to exercise for better health –everyone already knows that! What this unique, effective, and doable fitness and lifestyle change program offers is an effective way to help everyone establish regular physical movement as an integral part of a lifelong plan for optimal health, fitness, and longevity. Unlike most exercise programs, LEI’s program progresses appropriately and slowly to firmly establish an exercise habit, prevent sports and overuse injuries, create new neural pathways, keep motivation high, and result in greater fitness with plenty of "unplanned" physical movement, but less "planned" exercise time. 

What’s more, this program includes separate weekly exercise and fitness programming for both beginners (or returning) and current exercisers, as well as cutting-edge tips on nutrition and dietary improvements, stress reduction, weight loss and management, and other healthy living and lifestyle change topics (including Type 2 diabetes and other disease prevention). Arriving once a week via e-mail, it provides that "nudge" that is the external support that most people need to make permanent lifestyle changes.

LEI’s fitness/lifestyle program answers a variety of fitness, exercise, and health questions like:

·        How much physical activity is enough?

·        Does fidgeting count as exercise?

·        Is vitamin D a miracle vitamin that can prevent diabetes?

·        Can eating too little make you gain weight?

·        Is it possible to laugh yourself thin?

·        Can regular exercise make you smarter?

We wish that we could offer this program for nothing to everyone, but it costs to offer it, and we also know that people would fail to take it seriously unless they invest something of their own into doing it. However, it is priced as low as possible to reach the widest audience. 

For only $25 USD (less than 50 cents per week!), anyone can sign up to begin receiving this motivational, weekly e-mailed fitness/lifestyle program once a weekly for a full year. Log on to www.lifelongexercise.com/LEI_program_signup.asp for more information and to see a sample week of the program.


For more information, or to sign up for 5 free healthy living reports via e-mail, visit www.lifelongexercise.com. For more information on exercise and physical activity in general, also check out my web site at www.shericolberg.com. If you need tips for getting started on an exercise/lifestyle program, consult The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan. People with any type of diabetes who are already more active may benefit from reading the Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook.

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