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Yehuda Handelsman Part 5, CGM and the Future of Diabetes

In part 5 of this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Yehuda Handelsman talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed during the AACE 2017 convention in Austin, Texas about the more exciting diabetes technology developments, CGM and the future of diabetes.

Yehuda Handelsman, MD, FACP, FACE is a past president of the American College of Endocrinology and Medical Director of the Metabolic Institute of America in Tarzana, CA.


Transcript of this video segment:

Steve: So what do you think is the greatest discovery over the last couple of years? looking to the future that’s gonna make a huge impact on diabetes because they say that every other person in the United States either has diabetes or prediabetes.

Yehuda: Yes and above age 65, 50% have prediabetes and 25% have diabetes. That’s ¾ above age 65. I really am very excited on the direction of the CGM, the continuous glucose monitoring, are going. I mean I have said it all the 8 -9 -10 years ago. It’s a game changer. It wasn’t a game changer initially because expense and not so accurate. When we are looking at modern accuracy right now with CGM, you know you slap a CGM on a type 2 diabetes and they can watch what they eat and they can see the reaction of the food and see what it is. To me, it’s getting less and less and less expensive. So you don’t need anymore special unit CGM. It can be on iPhone. Now it goes to clouds and parents can watch kids at kindergarten at school and watch to see if they are okay. Parent can see that maybe a kid was going to go down to hypo, can call the school. CGM is going to revolutionize, and I believe CGM is going to be inexpensive in a few years….I see a disposable kind of a unit….$35-40 a month. You know Libre is going to come from Europe and you can put on your arm and for two weeks you can watch what you eat. In Israel, they actually use that Libre as helping people do diets. So, it’s crazy but they are doing that. You know everything can create a diet but people will buy it. I think it’s such a powerful tool to prevent hypoglycemia (which is very important) and to just for you to know should I eat this or not? Should I stop it in middle of the pasta? Or this pasta doesn’t get my sugar up. Is my fruit watermelon, melon, apple, berry? That would be incredible. So, I see the CGM and with it the closed loop, the hybrid closed loop that is coming to market. I think that will be very helpful to many people. I think in 3-4 years we will have total closed loop also dealing with boluses. And with it there will be one that is bihormonal, like a bionic pancreatic, whichever will be, I think that we will see CGM trials to see them implantable. You may have full closed loop system implantable. People will live practically normal life and I think that next 5-10 years probably and I mean there are some other things like islet coming back and some way to do that. Still this is further away. So, I see the technology is what’s really going to lead. I can have another great drug and another great drug and I can identify gaps in what we need and still they said let me see people use what they have right now. And I would be very happy to get more drugs.

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