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Vigilant: A New App

May 14, 2016

By InSpark Technologies, Inc.
Free iOs/Android

Vigilant1 Vigilant2Description: Vigilant is a companion to diabetes monitoring that uses advanced pattern recognition technology to notify you of upcoming periods of risk.  Seeing patient patterns and risk of diabetes complications in just a few seconds, this software can alert you to risk of severe lows in the next 24 hours plus notifies you about upcoming daily patterns of highs, lows, variability (frequent swings) and gaps in testing and provides glanceable summaries of diabetes control and it also provides versions available for both people with diabetes (iOS and Android) and caregivers (Web). With Vigilant, you can know more about where your  patient’s blood glucose may be headed.  Plus at a glance, know your patient’s blood glucose patterns and know when your patient is entering a period of risk for a severe low blood glucose.


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