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Tim Dunn Part 6, Final Thoughts and CGM Availability

In part 6, the conclusion of this Exclusive Interview, Tim Dunn shares how to access more info about the FreeStyle Libre in a talk with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed.

Tim Dunn, Ph.D., is the director of Clinical and Computational Research and an Abbott Volwiler Research Fellow.


Transcript of this video segment:

Freed: And the best way for a patient to learn more or to get it – it requires a prescription and it’s available in the pharmacies.

Dunn: Correct.

Freed: Most insurances cover it for all types of diabetes or just for type 2s, types 1s on insulin?

Dunn: My understanding is it’s all types of diabetes. It may vary by some of the insurance companies. And, yeah, getting more information: there’s a very good website where there can be some assistance around requesting prescriptions from the clinicians. Obviously talking to the clinician and getting a prescription and having it filled at the pharmacy is the best way to go.

Freed: Well, I think it’s really information that can change the way we look at diabetes. Came out of nowhere, basically. We’ve been using blood glucose monitors. I’d always thought they would be around forever.

Dunn: It’s had a good run. It’s been 30 years.

Freed: But I can see the demise of blood glucose monitors; why anybody would want to get a reading three times a day when I can get 50 readings and it doesn’t cost anymore?

Dunn: Right.

Freed: It doesn’t make sense that people would want to purchase a normal blood glucose monitor. And yet it takes up a lot of space on the pharmacy shelves, all the monitors.

Dunn: Right, right. Yeah.

Freed: And so, I see a change coming within a very short period of time.

Dunn: Yeah. We’re definitely looking forward to advancing the technology, expanding access for people, and making improvements as we get the feedback.


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