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Test Your Knowledge Question #800

Sep 30, 2015

Your patient has been taking metformin, glipizide and a daily basal insulin dose (.85 U/kg/day). While his fasting glucose levels are on target, he has not yet been able to reach his individualized glycemic target of A1C of less than 7%. In your discussion with him about the addition of a prandial insulin dose to his regimen, you compare and contrast his options. Compared to basal insulin alone, premixed insulins:


Answer: A. tend to lower A1c to a larger degree.

Compared to basal insulin alone, the premixed insulins tend to lower A1C to a more significant degree. However, their use has been associated with slightly increased rates of hypoglycemia and weight gain. Due to the fixed ratios of shorter-acting and longer-acting insulins in premixed insulins, individuals lose their ability to titrate their insulin needs to their meal size and timing. Thus, the premixed are more suitable for those who have a regular eating schedule and predictable meal size.

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