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Smart Blood Glucose Meter to Help Diabetes Patients

Sep 18, 2015

Patients with diabetes have to monitor their blood glucose at home until the next doctor’s appointment. Smart blood glucose meter provides patients with easy access to certified diabetes educator and avoid future diabetes complications, according to Jodi Pulizzi, RN, BSN, CDE, CHC, director of clinical services for Livongo Health, based in Chicago.

The speaker stated that patients might have difficulty using other meters, short on test strips due to insurance coverage and lack of real time data; therefore, the Livongo Health program will better assist diabetes patient who may encounter those issues.


The purpose of this program is to provide patients with cellular-enabled, connected blood glucose meters that upload readings in real time to the company cloud system, which also provide patients with unlimited test strips. The smart meter is designed to monitor and send timely blood glucose readings, food eaten, physical activity information and any symptoms the patients might be experiencing.

Patients received instant feedback messages on specific educational information from the AADE curriculum such as blood glucose range. If blood glucose level is not within range, the smart meter will send a notification to one of the company’s certified diabetes educators, who will contact the patient within two minutes.

Practice Pearls:

  • Coaching session and assessment are available for members.
  • The company currently does not work with Medicare but plans to in the future.
  • Employer groups or insurance companies pay $70 per month for the service.

Pulizzi J. T02. Presented at: The American Association of Diabetes Educators Annual Meeting; August 5-8, 2015; New Orleans.