Jun 9, 2018

QuitMedKit By: MD Anderson Cancer Center

Price: Free


Description: Tobacco use is a well-established single most important preventable cause of disease and death. Healthcare providers are well-positioned to treat cigarette smoking and nicotine dependence among their patients. Unfortunately, not every physician, physician assistant, or nurse have sufficient time to provide extensive counseling and treatment during patient visits.

QuitMedKit© is designed to assist healthcare providers in effective counseling and treatment of tobacco dependence among their patients. This program provides state-of-the-art knowledge on behavioral counseling and pharmacological treatments for nicotine dependence.


  • The evidence-based model for identifying and assessing tobacco users.
  • Information on prescribed and over the counter medications used to treat tobacco dependence.
  • Graphic materials illustrating health consequences of tobacco use to be demonstrated to the patient.
  • Motivational interviewing, practical counseling and treatment tips.
  • The content follows the clinical practice guidelines Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, published in 2008.

This application is designed to address tobacco counseling and treatment needs of physicians (primary care providers and specialists), physician assistants, nurses, and other health professionals who see patients on a regular basis. Medical students and other students studying various health professions also can benefit from this application.

Download: iOS / Android