Mediforms EMR Lite

May 3, 2013

Idea Oven, LLC


Mediforms EMR is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) app for the iPad. All entry is done via touches so you can capture your patient history and encounter details as quickly as (or quicker than) your traditional paper forms.


1) Enter and track your patient’s medical history.
2) Enter and track each patient visit including Chief Complaint, Review of Symptoms, Physical Exam, and Assessment and Plan.
3) Touch each "code" to add to history or encounter.
4) The fixed template is oriented on Gynecology, but many other templates will be available in the paid version.

Note: This is the free version of Mediforms EMR. The paid version will be released soon and will also include:

1) Multiple downloadable templates available in the App Store. Download only the ones you need for your specialty.
2) Separate templates for each encounter and patient history.
3) PDF reports for history and encounters that can be downloaded via the dock or emailed for inclusion in physical or electronic document management.
4) Custom codes entered on the fly or made permanent customization to the template.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

This is a terrific app whose time is definitely here but unfortunately seems to have been plagued by crashes. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the developers can sort through these problems ASAP. If you want to give it a whirl, though (and maybe even give the developers some feedback) here’s a link:

Mediforms EMR Lite