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Lisa Latts Part 6, Why Did You Move From A Traditional Medical Practice

In part 6 of this Exclusive Interview, Lisa Latts talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about her desire to make the healthcare system work more effectively and improve the practice of medicine.

Lisa Latts MD, MSPH, MBA, FACP is Deputy Chief Health Officer for IBM Watson Health.


Transcript of this video segment:

Freed: So, you’re a physician. Do you still see patients?

Latts: I do. Yeah.

Freed: And you decided to go into a little bit different direction.

Latts: Yeah.

Freed: Why did you do that?

Latts: So, my background and my training was in public health. And so, I love being a practicing physician. And I see pregnant patients with medical problems, which is a very unique niche but my interest has always been, how do we make the health care system better, because it’s incredibly hard to be a practicing physician day in and day out. And so, how can we develop tools and strategies that make it easier to practice and be practicing physician. We’re seeing a huge problem in the physician community these days with physician burnout and lots of physicians are leaving the practice of medicine. And so, we’re going to face an enormous problem with a shortage of physicians if we don’t figure out ways to make it easier to practice medicine. And so, that was one of my goals, is how do we make the health care system easier, how do we make it work better so that we can deliver more care to individuals and more appropriate care without health care cost rising out of control. Because in the US, we as a society cannot continue to see the kind of rising cost that we’ve seen in the past, and we need to be better about how we’re using our health care dollars, so that’s what motivated me to go into more the administrative side of medicine as opposed to seeing patients full-time.

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