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George Bakris, MD: SGLT2 Mechanism for BP Reduction Part 3 of 6

altGeorge Bakris, MD, continues his discussion with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed. This week, the focus is why certain ethnic groups are more suscepticle to developing kidney disease, with or without diabetes. With the detection of the gene leading to kidney disease, more aggressive preventative treatment can be implemented to lower blood pressure. One 10-year study of a group of 500+ African Americans focused on such treatment methods. Dr. Bakris explains the findings and his resultant blood pressure treatment approach …


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Dr. George Bakris recently presented “SGLT2 Mechanism for Blood Pressure Reduction” at the 75th Scientific Sessions of the ADA. Dr. Bakris, a referral nephrologist and a board-certified hypertension specialist, is a professor of medicine and director of ASH Comprehensive Hypertension Center at The University of Chicago. He specializes in kidney disease as it relates to diabetes and blood pressure issues. He is an expert at interpreting ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, a technique that gives physicians a more accurate reading of a patient’s blood pressure by taking numerous measurements of a patient’s blood pressure over a 24-48 hour period.