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Family History: The Greatest Risk Factor for Prediabetes

Aug 28, 2013

The effect was strongest with people who were not obese…. 

Dr. Andreas Fritsche of the German Center for Diabetes Research and colleagues observed over 8,000 participants, roughly 5,400 with normal blood sugar levels and 2,600 with prediabetes.


In initial analysis, taking into account factors such as sex, age, and body fat, the research team concluded that among the participants, those with a family history of diabetes were 26 percent more likely to develop prediabetes.

The most interesting finding was that, after further analysis, the relation between family history of diabetes and prediabetes risk was seen only in participants who were not obese.

As to why the correlation was most evident among the non-obese participants, the authors theorized that, "This might indicate [that] the effect of family history on prediabetes becomes readily measurable only when not overshadowed by strong risk factors such as obesity."

Aug. 21 in the journal Diabetologia, Aug. 21, 2013