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Diet Versus Gastric Bypass for Diabetes Patients

Apr 5, 2013

Reduced calories before and after surgery improves diabetes in type 2 patients but not the actual surgery….

A prospective two period study was conducted to look at the improvements in diabetes both pre- and post- gastric bypass surgery. The pre-surgery period followed a reduced calorie diet.


An improvement in glucose homeostasis occurs following gastric bypass surgery. Glycemic levels in the patients were found to be lower pre-surgery compared to post gastric bypass.

The reduced calorie ingestion has been found to be the reason to see the marked improvement in diabetes control following gastric bypass surgery not the surgery itself. Patients also saw a weight reduction pre-surgery while following a reduced caloric diet.

Patients can improve their glycemic levels on their own by following a reduced calorie diet/meal plan versus opting for gastric bypass surgery to help control their glucose levels. If gastric bypass surgery is performed the patients should plan on seeing a reduction to their glucose levels both pre- and post- surgery.

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