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Hypoglycemia Can Increase Mortality at 12 Months with Diabetic Patients

Low glucose events requiring emergency services differs according to diabetes type… Hypoglycemic episodes are a common event among patients with diabetes. Most hypoglycemic events are treated without ambulance services or admission to a hospital. However, severe hypoglycemic events are treated differently. Severe hypoglycemia is defined as “an episode requiring external …

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Early Diabetic Responders Benefit More

The way that type 2 diabetics respond to initial treatment could predict the long term effectiveness of their treatment regimen… There are a variety of treatment options for type 2 diabetics, with no clear reason why some drugs work better than others in some individuals. That is why diabetes treatment …

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No Association Between Sulfonylurea Use and Cardiovascular Mortality

Sulfonylureas not associated with increased cardiovascular mortality, myocardial infarction and stroke in a meta-analysis of 47 randomized clinical trials… Sulfonylureas are relatively inexpensive and are important therapeutic agents in type 2 diabetes management. However, they are not widely used due to safety concerns regarding hypoglycemia and weight gain. Furthermore, it …

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Web-based Decision Support Program to Improve Diabetes Control


Program helps aid primary care physicians in the management of patients with diabetes using individualized therapy…. A meta-analysis showed that the most efficacious strategies to improve glucose control were: case management, health care team changes, patient education, and facilitated transmission of patient data to clinicians. Using those 4 key strategies …

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