Diabetes Manager

Feb 20, 2016

By iTenuto Soft
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DiabetesManager1DiabetesManager2Diabetes Manager is an all-in-one insulin calculator, carbohydrate database, favorites database, and diary. It is developed for people with type 1 diabetes who  inject pre-meal fast or rapid-acting insulin. Diabetes Manager has been designed for convenience and helps to remove errors and guesswork when calculating your pre-meal insulin dose.


Diabetes Manager provides the functionality of:

  • Converting between A1C and eAG.
  • Calculating Bolus On Board for references.
  • Adding food to the favorites database for reuse.
  • Creating your own food to add to the meal and/or to the favorites database.
  • Recording daily pre-meal blood glucose, meal/snack food items, suggested, actual and long-acting insulin doses.
  • Saving data to the diary database.
  • Creating reports from the diary database.
  • Emailing reports in HTML format which can be opened by a web browser.
  • Emailing reports in CSV format which can be opened by Excel or spreadsheet applications.
  • Selecting food items from a generic food database.
  • Modifying serving or weight to get the corresponding carbs for the food.
  • Calculating a bolus insulin dose based on your blood glucose reading, target and correction factor.
  • Calculating a pre-meal insulin dose based on your blood glucose reading, target and correction factor (optional), and the amount of carbohydrates in your meal or snack based on your carbs/insulin ratio.
  • Viewing a demo video included in the App for easy use.

Important: Diabetes Manager must only be used as a guide and on the advice of your healthcare professional.

Released: October 2, 2013

Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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