Diabetes Advisor

Jan 5, 2019

By: Children’s Medical Center

Price: Free


Description: Children’s Health Diabetes Advisor provides children and families with diabetes a mobile resource to complement the diabetes education programs at Children’s Health System of Texas (CHST), providing a one stop source of the following:

  1. Education library: links to information on diabetes and its management from some of the leading organizations and sites across the web invested in optimal diabetes outcomes, including direct links to diabetes technology resources so many patients rely on to care for their diabetes on a daily basis.
  2. Ketone Manager: Managing diabetes is full of every day challenges, that are only magnified if a child is sick or has ketones. A systematic, structured approach to ketone management can help minimize emergency room trips and help children with diabetes learn effective sick day management strategies. Our unique ketone manager invites users of the application to input their normal treatment regimens, off which individualized sick day treatment suggestions can be provided to registered users of the application.

(Please note, although the educational content is available to all users, the ketone manager is only available to patients of CHST who register via an individualized enrollment code which can be provided via our clinic. If you or a family member are a patient of CHST’s diabetes clinic, please contact our clinic for an enrollment code.)

Download: iOs