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Dec 25, 2007

Jump Start Consulting has some great ideas to help us start the New Year, Be sure to read BUSINESS RESOLUTIONS FOR THE NEW YEAR and learn how to improve patient rapport and compliance in 2008



Beverly Price, RD, MA, RYT
Jump Start Consulting, LLC

As clinicians, we are highly trained in the sciences and have been taught to back up everything we say or do by a medical reference.  I think we can all agree that medicine is not an exact science and often an art.  In addition, running a successful healthcare practice involves blending many disciplines, which also involves using both the left and right brain.  Often, it is not about the content but the delivery.  Given this, here are some healthcare management tips or “resolutions” for the New Year that can help you increase patient rapport and compliance

Surrender your control over the notion of “what works” and “what does not work” based on what is found in the literature.

Many healthcare practitioners have poor self-care, which is often projected onto their patient.  Unless you have tried it yourself, don’t doubt it and turn your clients away from it.  Allow your patient to have the freedom in determining what is right for them…they may be “living proof” of a mechanism of a health behavior that has made the difference in their life.

Believe that obstacles are life’s teachers.

The holidays bring out true colors in many individuals.  You may encounter a patient that rubs you the wrong way forcing you to implement or even break one of your policies.  Understand why this situation may have occurred vs. taking it personally.  Stay grounded, vs. becoming frustrated and angry.  Notice the energy that you are putting out, which is often the energy that you will receive in return.

Let go of your attachments and surrender into the new generation of healthcare.

The world of healthcare is shifting into a more proactive culture.  There is new generation of patient out there—you may not have seen them yet in your waiting room—but they are asking more questions and taking charge of their personal health.  They are making healthcare decisions not necessarily based on what their insurance dictates. Listen to their needs and give them what they ask.

Trust your intuition.

The patient sitting across from you may present classic disease symptoms without the labwork to back it up—or visa versa.  Another patient may be extremely non-compliant because of underlying depression.  Use your “gut” and bring in your “sixth sense” to assist you in giving your patient the best care possible.  Look beyond their chart and into their soul.

Be true to yourself.

Practice the type of healthcare that you would like to receive.  What may have seemed right to you in your classroom twenty to thirty years ago maybe totally obsolete at this minute.  Data suggests that most healthcare information that you learn will be obsolete within seven years—including the way you interact with patients.

Continue to take personal inventory of where you need improvement in the business arena and promptly attend to these areas.

The staleness of the healthcare information delivered is also reflected in your counseling techniques, décor, dress and even your website or other marketing materials.  Review your business plan regularly.  Set goals and work towards these goals so that you can grow stay fresh.

Have a great New Year season and enjoy!

Beverly Price is a Registered Dietitian, and Principal of Jump Start Consulting, LLC specializing in management and marketing strategies that grow your dietetic practice, along with continuing professional education for registered dietitians, certified diabetes educators and specialty business courses for students.  To learn about Jump Start’s products and services, log on to www.gettingthatjumpstart.com