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Building Business Profits: The Roadmap Strategy: Issue 6

May 31, 2005

Do you have a business that you are building, or does you private practice need a jump start? If so you will want to read Part 6 of Building Business Profits by Steve Pohlit, CPA, MBA, and you can learn how blogs and rss feeds can benefit your business. If you are not familiar with this series, I recommend you start with Part 1 and get the whole story

PS. This issue may seem to be off topic. But these are two things you must be doing now if you have a business, want your own business, or want to add more value to the business where you work.


At the end I will attempt to help you understand why it is exactly on course to the Roadmap strategy we have been developing over the past 5 issues.

Reminder: This series is for people running their own business, thinking about going into business or working for someone and wanting to make a valuable contribution to the success of that company. There is a sequence to these reports. For maximum value, please start with Issue 1.

Using Popular Tools For Fun and Profit:

If you have not heard about, read about, or used these tools, fasten your seat belts. You are about to discover several of the most valuable, fun and free tools for your business and for yourself. If you are interested in starting a business or for those wanting to make more of a contribution to growing an existing business, this information is very important.

The tools are: (Now don’t flip this off until you have read and thought about the information you are about to receive. Just keep reading. You will be glad you did.)

1. Blogs
2. RSS Feeds

Blogs: A blog is an online record you create for any subject or topic you want. Blogs grew in popularity with several of the political campaigns using blogs to deliver messages explaining the political candidates position on issues of importance. Beyond that there are blogs about pets, family and nearly every subject imaginable. You can create multiple blogs. Many people are using blogs to increase awareness of their business. Your business is promoted when your blog which has valuable information relevant to your business includes the URL link to the web site of the business you are promoting.

There are many places and ways you can set up a Blog. You do not need a web site to get started blogging. My recommendation is to start by going to www.Blogger.com Set up a free account. It is real easy to do plus there is a lot of information to help you. Remember you can set up a blog on any topic to get started and then once you are more experienced with blogs begin to use blogs to promote a business.

RSS Feeds: RSS is simply a tool to have information that is published delivered real time to your computer. You are able to select the categories of information you want along with the exact feeds you want. For example, news headlines from the NY York Times may be of interest or health related articles from the Yahoo health directory. Information from blogs can also be delivered from RSS Feeds.

To get started with this fantastic technology that is free, you will need a feed reader. Feed readers are also free. I recommend going to www.RSSReader.com or www.Pluck.com and download their software. I use both services. You can too and then decide which one you like best. Once you have one or both of them installed you can select from a list of feeds that interest you including a number of great sources for health information.

Do not think the feeds promoted by RSS Reader and Pluck are the only ones available. Do a search on Google, Yahoo and MSN for RSS Feeds and Blogs and find a ton of information sources.

As you visit web sites, you will begin to notice an increase in the use of links from web sites to add the site’s RSS Feed to your feed reader. For example, on my consulting site (www.execnetconsulting.com ) you will notice several ways to add my RSS Feed for The Profit System Newsletter to your RSS Feed Reader or to your “My Yahoo” home page.

For those of you who have web sites, here is how I developed those links: When you set up a blog, you will receive a link for your blog You will find this link in the settings section of your Blogger account. For my consulting Blog, I have the link http://blog.theprofitsystem.com I then set up a free account at http://www.feedburner.com and registered my blog by entering the link. Once registered, I am given the code for the link and simply add that code to my site. For anyone designing your own sites this is real easy to do or your webmaster can do this for you in a very short period of time.

Why Are Blogs and RSS Feeds Important?

1. They are a source of very current information that you decide is important.
2. They are tools for promoting valuable information related to your area of interest including your business.
3. They help your web site get indexed and ranked by the search engines.

What’s Next

I am going to stay off center course in the next edition as well as I discuss how to create your own information site that earns income. I will be addressing this topic since many readers of the Diabetes In Control newsletter are experts on various topics. We will look at creating information destination sites that provide the reader with a roadmap for getting answers they need. Along the way of getting those answers, I will show you how there can be a monetary benefit to having visitors to your site.

Until the next time,

Be well and prosper

Steve Pohlit

About the Author:

Steve Pohlit is the President of Exec Net Consulting, and the Chairman of the Diabetes In Control Advisory Board. His career includes, more than 10 years experience as a CFO for companies ranging in size from $40 million to $1.6 billion. Steve has owned and operated a chain of drug stores with pharmacies and has developed a number of Internet based businesses. He is currently writing a book titled Consulting Secrets Revealed, which provides all the details of the processes and procedures he implements with his consulting clients. Steve offers an initial complimentary consultation and is available as professional speaker on “Build Cash Profits or Close The Doors”.