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Baritastic, A Customizable App for Your Bariatric Patients

Jul 9, 2016

BaritasticBaritastic is a tool for your patients. Already the most robust app built specifically for the bariatric patient, now your program can connect, support, and monitor your patients using the Baritastic app. They use many of the same features in Baritastic to create a unique free app specifically for your program.

Why Connect?


Connecting with your program via the Baritastic app opens up content specific to your program within the app.

  • Calendar of events
  • Diet Guidelines
  • Instructions
  • Our Team
  • Contact Us
  • FAQ’s
  • Education

Keeping your program-specific content easily accessible can reduce pre-op and post-op phone calls, improve compliance, and improve a patient’s overall experience.

Automatic event reminders will remind your patients about upcoming seminars and support groups 24 hours before the event. They can RSVP through the app and have the event added to their calendar so they don’t forget to show up. You get notified of the RSVP as well.

When patients connect to your program it also allows you to monitor their weight loss, nutrition, exercise, and more from our HIPAA compliant dashboard. Make better recommendations based on real data. And when your patients actually track what they eat, they are more likely to lose more weight and keep it off. And the clinical studies support this – Kaiser study shows double the weight loss for those that track their food.

To learn more about this customizable tool for your patients, visit Bariapps.com.