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Medingo Introduces Solo™ MicroPump Insulin Delivery System

Aug 2, 2009

Medingo US, Inc., announced that it will introduce its miniature, tube-free insulin delivery system, the Solo MicroPump, at the American Association of Diabetes Educators Meeting in Atlanta, GA, August 5-8, 2009, Booth 730 . The company received its FDA clearance letter (K090245) on July 28, 2009.

The Solo MicroPump will be the smallest, lightest, most discreet full-featured insulin pump on the market. In addition, it will offer highly desired pump features, such as detachability and the ability to bolus directly on the MicroPump.


“We are extremely pleased to have achieved this major milestone for Medingo,” commented Ofer Yodfat, MD, founder of Medingo. 
“We designed Solo with input from hundreds of insulin-requiring people with diabetes and their caregivers. As a result, we believe Solo offers people with diabetes significantly greater freedom and flexibility in the management of their condition. In addition, our ‘pay-as-you-pump’ pricing model will allow easier access to Solo through a very low upfront cost.”
Medingo develops products specifically for the needs of people with diabetes. The Medingo technology may serve as a platform for other medications.
Medingo’s Israeli headquarters are located in Yoqneam, and its U.S. headquarters are located in Tampa, FL.
For more information, please visit www.solo4you.com.