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Current Interview: Scott Abbott

ScottAbbottCropDiabetes in Control speaks with top endocrinologists and other medical professionals to bring you the latest in diabetes news and research. This week, we have another exclusive interview from ADA 2017.

Scott Abbott is the Director of Medical Development at Valeritas. He shares information from his presentation at the ADA on how the V-Go insulin delivery device can be used in the real world.

Featured videos include:

Pt.1: Introduction

Pt.2: V-Go Wearable Insulin Delivery Device

Pt.3: Adjusting Dosage on V-Go

Pt.4: V-Go Effects on A1C

Pt.5: Additional Advantages of V-Go

Pt.6: Availability of V-Go

Pt.7: The Future of V-Go

Pt.8: Public Response to V-Go

or view the complete interview with Scott Abbott Valeritas Director of Medical Development here: Complete Interview.

Click here to read a transcript of this interview.