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Fish Oil Might Help Fight Gum Disease

Study found eating moderate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids was beneficial for patients with periodontal disease. Patients with diabetes have increased incidence and severity of periodontal disease not accounted for by differences in the subgingival microbial infection. Poor glycemic control has been consistently associated with periodontal disease severity….

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Treating Gum Disease Lowers Blood Sugars

The researchers said their findings highlighted the need for dentists to be part of the diabetes medical team along with doctors, dietitians, nurses and pharmacists working together in the treatment of people with diabetes. Infections increase blood sugars, periodontal disease is an infection, therefore we can assume that treating periodontal …

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Diabetes and Oral Health Patient Handout

Diabetes and Oral Health Patient Handout Periodontal health can affect blood sugar levels.  Here is a handout for your patients that will remind your patients as to the best way to prevent and treat periodontal disease. This handout will explain the relationship of oral health to their blood sugars. Because …

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