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SGLT-2 Inhibitors: What Prescribers Are Saying Now

Jul 12, 2014

When the first SGLT-2 inhibitor came to the market we went to doctors all over the country and asked them their opinions on this new class of drugs. The overwhelming response was “wait and see.” We went back to them 3 months later and although some of them had tried it, the majority of prescribers still felt much more comfortable using a DPP4-I than an SGLT-2 I. In May of this year, our publisher, Steve Freed, had an interview with Dr. Stanley Schwartz who was an early adapter of this new class of drugs. Now that his interview and his Homerun Slides series¬†have been on the site for a couple of months we have gone back to our original group of prescribers and asked them again to tell us how they now feel about this class of drugs. This month we share with you some of their “newer opinions.”

Dr. Morton Field, MD, PCP, Beverly Hills, CA


I have always been interested in reducing medications but as I inherited patients on Invokana and Farxiga I noticed that they were getting good results. Since I was continuing previous therapy for a lot of them I became more accustomed to using it and have moved a lot of my DPP4-I patients over to these meds.

Dr. Gregory Castello, MD, PCP, Lombard, IL

I have definitely increased my use of this class. Too often my patients can’t afford brand name and since both of the companies offer virtually free meds for two years* I look to move patients quite often….

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Dr. Alan J. Garber, MD, Endocrinologist, Houston, TX

Last time we talked I was already in favor of using these meds. Now that we see more data, the risk for UTI’s is even less than we thought.

Dr. Fernando L. Gonzalez, MD, South Bend, IN

I have pumped up my use because of success and the low cost for the patients.

Mayer Davidson, MD, Charles R. Drew University in Los Angeles, CA

I was worried about the infections and also we had a protocol for diabetes treatment that put any brand name low on the list. With the results we have seen including BP and weight reduction it is much easier to prescribe and so we are all using them more.

Bridgett Bellingar, DO, Seminole Florida

I usually wait to see what my colleagues do with a new medicine before trying it myself. I cautiously started using it because of the educator in our office. As I have seen the results, I have increased the use.

Kush Patel, MD Sanford, FL

Over the past 3 years it seems that my new diabetics are in worse condition than before and are younger than they ever were. I have had to be much more aggressive than ever and this is a great drug to add to metformin. In addition, I have started giving my patients diastix to test their urine to see if the medicine is working and believe it is helping them stay on it.


*Please note: both manufacturers offer copay assistance cards that make the copay almost free. This is also available to cash customers. You can get coupons by simply visiting Invokana.com or Farxiga.com.