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Oct. 5, 2019

Oct 5, 2019

Today we have a group of 50 cyclists from our bike club in St. Petersburg, here in Mt. Dora, Florida for 4 days of riding. On Friday we had about 20 in our group and finished up 65 miles in 3 1/2 hours. The ride involved a lot of climbing and there were a couple of hills that pushed us to the limit. We had 2 Type 2 riders and one Type 1 rider with us, and it was interesting to see the differences in their glucose levels as the ride progressed. At various times during the ride each of them were high, and one time we had to stop for someone who had dropped to 56mg/dl so that they could get their levels back up.

Every one of them expressed frustration about the unpredictable problems they have while riding and why no two days are ever the same. This week our exercise guru, Dr. Sheri Colberg, joins us to explain what could be the cause of this fluctuation, and how these riders might be able to gain better control.




We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe