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New One Minute Rapid-Acting Insulin: Lyumjev

Jul 25, 2020
Editor: David L. Joffe, BSPharm, CDE, FACA

Author: Brianna Belton, PharmD. Candidate, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Lyumjev, recently approved by the FDA, reaches the bloodstream only one minute after injection; how does its performance compare to Humalog?

The FDA has just approved the new rapid-acting insulin Lyumjev, also known as insulin lispro-aabc, injection that comes in 100 units/mL and 200 units/mL. It is indicated to improve glycemic control in adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. In phase 3, 26-week clinical trials, PRONTO-T1D and PRONTO-T2D, Lyumjev and Humalog (insulin lispro injection) were compared both in combination with either insulin glargine or insulin degludec in patients with type 1 (PRONTO-T1D) and type 2 diabetes (PRONTO-T2D)....


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New One Minute Rapid-Acting Insulin: Lyumjev
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