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March 18, 2017

Mar 18, 2017

daveSometimes you learn things from your interns that you never forget. About eight years ago, I was working with a diabetes patient in a physician’s office. The patient was on three times the normal dose of potassium, but their levels were still low. One of my interns looked at the labs and let me know that if your magnesium is low, it is difficult to keep your potassium levels anywhere near normal. We started the patient on MagOx 400 and within 30 days, potassium levels were normal.

I never forgot that lesson and when I started cycling, daily magnesium became a part of my regimen. Now new research that we have in Item #4 is showing that low magnesium levels may increase the risk of prediabetes and diabetes in patients with certain gene variants. It’s another good reason to make sure your patients’ levels are good.



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Dave Joffe