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Letter From The Editor. June 29, 2009 Issue #475

Jun 29, 2009


Top Clinicians Share Lantus Guidance  Click here for the inside stories…


Lantus Cancer Concern Inconclusive Details of a new study, “Lantus insulin: a possible link with cancer which requires further investigation,”to be published in the Journal of the EASD, “Diabetologia,” have been leaked. This release came out last Friday and by the time you get this newsletter it will probably be in all the papers and on every TV news station and your patients will be calling your office to ask you what to do. We did the research and have the answers for you, and the main message is: more studies need to be done! For a review of the studies and learn what to tell your patients See Item 1

Sheri Colberg, Ph.D., FACSM, has spent considerable time working with athletes and others to develop exercise regimens for success. She has seen her share of diabetes patients who have to stop runs, swims or bike rides after suffering from hypoglycemia. She asked me if we could focus on Effective Dietary Practices of Active People with Diabetes.This week she starts with Part 1: The Importance of Carbohydrates.

TCOYD Diabetes Conference, July 28, 2009
Topic: Type 1 Night! Moderator: Steven Edelman, MD
Guest Speakers: Chris Sadler, PA-C, CDE – Pumps; Andrea Gasper, MS, PA-C – Pumps; Matthias Von Herrath, MD – Research; Bill Polonsky, PhD, CDE – Emotions Panelists: Chris Sadler, PA-C, CDE, Diabetes & Endocrine Associates; Andrea Gasper, MS, PA-C, Diabetes & Endocrine Associates; Matthias Von Herrath, MD, La Jolla Inst. for Allergy & Immun.; Bill Polonsky,PhD, CDE, Behavioral Diabetes Institute One-on-one:Consultations with our Expert Panelists Goal: Gain knowledge, share knowledge, and experience the camaraderie of being with fellow Type 1’s and their families.

dLife:July 5, 7PM ET on CNBC
dLife investigates diabetes care in America’s prisons and jails. And,more Real People, Real stories as we visit a woman who has a high flying way of staying fit and in control. Plus, Chef Michel Nischan gives a comfort food favorite — meatloaf — a low-carb makeover. Start the week with the dLife community:Sundays on CNBC at 7 PM ET, 6 PM CT, and 4 PM PT.

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Check out this week’s “Test Your DIABETES Knowledge”question.

Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief