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Letter from the Editor, #790

Jul 12, 2015

Last Monday night I was delivering a CE on MTM and Med Errors to a group of pharmacists in Tampa. As I was delving into the reasons for MTM (Medication Therapy Management), I was enlightening the younger pharmacists on ways that our profession has changed over the past 30 years. One of the things that came to light was the idea of how the Cytochrome P450 affects prescribing habits and potential drug interactions and how when I went to pharmacy school we had never heard of that. One of the younger pharmacists brought up the topic of pharmacogenomics and how this was bound to impact disease occurrence and medication use even more than Cytochrome P450 in the future.

This week we have some of the latest research on how genes and DNA can be affected by disease and medication. Item #1 looks at the effect of rapid changes in ancestral diets without time to adjust genomicly. Item #4 compares the DNA and genomic learning curves of humans and blind cavefish, and Item #5 has valuable information as to how variation in genomic results can influence drug utilization and effectiveness.




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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief